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Brand New Formula With Kojic Acid & Raw Turmeric For Better Results

24K Lip Gold Kit
24K Lip Gold Kit

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All Natural Lip Brightening Lip Kit

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Protect Your Lips Before It's Too Late! 

Let's Be Real...

There's no secret that smoking has become a lot more normal within the past 5 years. And with that, the effects it has on our lips have become lot more prominent. A lot of us don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, so let us help you protect & rejuvenate your lips before its too late.

Our Kit Solves The Real Problem...

Unlike other lip kits, our lip kit uses no dyes. Our all natural formula extracts and removes dead skin & tar that your lips- may have absorbed over the years, allowing you to solve the real problem. For HALF THE PRICE of in store kits 😉

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"Just stay consistent, it'll work"

-Jasmine A.

"Saw a couple of ads for it but ofc i was skeptical. saw some change in a couple of weeks"

-Tammy R.
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"Take the chance...It worked for me"

-Brenda R.
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"Gotta give credit where its due. 10/10 would 100% recommend"

-Tanya M.
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"I should have bought 3 kits, i used mine super fast."

-Tracy P.
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"I smoke a lot and wanted to take care of my lips a little more i always use the balm before & after i smoke."

-Kyron J.
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"Stoners UNITE. This is for us for sure!"

-Trinity W.
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"Yes it really works. I bought it because I smoke and I definetly notice a difference"

-Cristy H.
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